Saturday, April 08, 2017


How can you not love a day like this? The birdsong outside is pronounced, the sun fights off high clouds all day long, the air is warm. (By afternoon, we're at 70F, or 21C!) If yesterday was very very good, today is fantastic!


farmette life-1.jpg

And then, because it is Saturday, I drive over to Snowdrop's home to pick up the little girl and her mommy for an outing downtown to listen to music for young ones.

(They're ready and waiting as I drive up.)

farmette life-4.jpg

Snowdrop is full of chatter and anticipation. The weekly music shows have exposed her to a great variety of songs and instruments and I cannot find enough words of praise for this (free) winter program for little ones.

Many of the photos today are from our outing. It was tremendously rewarding to snap pictures of this happy child...

farmette life-23.jpg

Too, she is for the first time decked out for warmer weather and I know this isn't a big deal to those living in warmer climates, but for us, the day you put on your summer frock is special. (She was not the only one in the audience honoring the season in this way.)

farmette life-49.jpg

The group this week performed music that in some way reached all age levels and we managed to sit at the very front, so that Snowdrop had a chance to bounce around with the others when invited to do so.

farmette life-54.jpg

(Applause, applause!)

farmette life-8.jpg

And after the show, I return to the farmette and even though I am on my next bout of the sniffles, I choose to ignore them and Ed and I work hard to clean up the farmette lands (while the cheepers laze and graze...)

farmette life-1-2.jpg

... and, too, I work with extra enthusiasm to clean up the porch, so that by late afternoon, I can, for the first time this year, do this!

farmette life-3-2.jpg

So this is it: in a few weeks, I'll take for granted these moments on the porch (no, never!). I wont fume at cheepers decimating my few young plants, because the rest of the flowers will rise and tower and their blooms will distract me from any small losses.

Night. Clouds roll in. I tell Ed to bring in the door mats (which we hosed down earlier in the day). We may get rain.

Spring thoughts. And a sigh of contentment for a day well spent.

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