Saturday, July 17, 2004

Running on niceness

Market notes:
   *     To Bill of Snug Haven for discounting my 6 pounds of tomatoes by 75% and, so that she wouldn’t feel less loved, for discounting the next customer’s tomatoes 75% as well; 
   *     To blogger pal Dorotha, who looks just like her blog, for taking the time to chat at the Market and for introducing me to her friend [it is always surprising and disheartening when you are not offered this basic courtesy, as if a rude absence of introductions is supposed to be an inconsequential act of forgetfulness – which it almost never is]; 
   *     To the photographer who followed me around the Market today, for knowing how to give instructions without insult, and for showing me the wonders of his fantastic camera; 
   *     To Artesian Trout, not only for the whopper discount, but for being willing to float me the sum until next week, just so I wouldn’t have to walk to the other side of the Square (for my tenth orbit today!) to use an ATM;
   *     To Bill again, for letting me write a check in excess of the amount so that I could pay back the nice seller at Artesian Trout;
   *     To Felix of Capri cheese for making a small amount of espresso ice cream each week because he knows I like it (he doesn’t typically sell it, but if you ask, he’ll save you some); 
   *     To Ruth of blueberry fame who waited and waited (after she’d already finished selling her very last berry) until I had a moment to run back and get the correct checkbook to pay her for the flats of fruit [Ruth is a schoolteacher who supplements her income by growing and selling blueberries; she tells me that this is what teachers do these days  – she was not surprised to find a colleague filling cars at their local gas station]; 
*        To the bakers who prepared for me a box of croissants and spice girls to take home; 
Thank you all. It means so much to have this much niceness charge my early Saturdays.

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