Friday, July 23, 2004

Sadness is…

…watching your dog willingly hop in the car, confident, unaware that he is on his way to Stevens Point for a 5-month stay because his owner, who has walked, fed, cleaned, scolded, loved him for 5 years cannot keep him during the rather hectic month and then Fall Semester.

If a dog bears the imprint of the owner’s personality, then, extrapolating from Ollie, I have to conclude that I am smart, persistent, loyal and peace-loving, though I make rude noises at strangers until they make the effort to pat me on the head. After that I am all over them, “climbing into their lap” (let’s hope this is metaphorical) whenever and wherever they “get down to my level.” I don’t realize that this is inappropriate behavior for a person my age/size. I do it because I trust them and like the comfy bonding that ensues. I don’t slobber and I like my own space, but I watch the comings and goings of people closest to me with an astonishing precision. I always know what everyone is up to and what mood they’re in. I tolerate the vicissitudes of their temper swings, though I sure would prefer a calm day. And I love food. I eat basically anything. 

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