Saturday, July 31, 2004

There’s also the problem of too much honey. When I was told by Ms. Bee Charmer that she now had the “champagne of honeys” (made from the black locust flower) I could not resist. It can now join the others on my cupboard shelf: acacia honey, buckwheat honey, forest flower honey, lavender honey and rosemary honey. What do I do with all that honey??? Tory, L’Etoile’s Chef de Cuisine, suggested I make honey-based vinaigrettes. Okay, that will use about a spoonful a week. Chef Odessa pushed for honey with Darjeeling tea. Too sweet! My grandmother would pour honey over all the berries she served for dessert. That’s harder to do when you’re like me, nibbling your way, all day long, through the containers of fruit in the fridge. For now, let’s just say I have a wonderful collection of honeys to show off to visitors.

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