Saturday, September 17, 2005

why would anyone not be drawn to New York?

I have not time to write now... I'm here with a small bunch of Madison and ex-Madison bloggers and they, especially one of them, the one who Intends To See Everything, keep me on the run.

I did take some photos and I am hoping that they will suffice for now. It's Saturday, a slow day for blog reading anyway.

My 24 hours, in a nutshell:

NYC Sep 05 001
there's always something slightly off about New York

NYC Sep 05 002
and just the other day, while still in Madison, I reflected on how steamy the city is,

NYC Sep 05 004
it seems to rise from many sources and it envelops you, so that you float with it, reaching new heights of steaminess,

NYC Sep 05 003
a city of reflections,

NYC Sep 05 017
and maybe it's the Central Park lakes that make even ex-Madisonians feel right at home,

NYC Sep 05 023
me, I love the food (in the Village: black pasta with pink fish)...

NYC Sep 05 035
it's worth pausing a diet for a slice of New York cheesecake;

NYC Sep 05 031
after that meal, she swore she would never leave the city

NYC Sep 05 012
others are really drawn to the sights,

NYC Sep 05 064
indeed, there are many sights...

NYC Sep 05 088
me, I cannot pass on a latte, at Soho's Cafe Cafe

NYC Sep 05 080
Oscar pointed out that JFW and Ocean appeared, well, sort of similar today;

NYC Sep 05 093
in the early evening we finally reached the tip of the island. the breeze was magnificent. a New York haze, a low sun, the once busy harbor quiet now.


  1. Did the Pretzel Guy float up onto his cart because of the steaminess? And why is he revealing his belly?!


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