Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Working in the early morning by the window, I see the pine face up to a day of sunshine

The beginning of a good day: it starts with a morning greeting. Sun, meet tree. Tree, say hi to the sun. Posted by Hello

In anticipation of food and more food

[Another one of those conversations where it isn't clear which voice is me and which, if any, is not me.]

I’m cooking a Napa meal today!
What’s that?

You know, with Napa influence.
You mean California-like? Avocado and crab?

No, not, California rolls. And not California cooking. I never knew what that’s supposed to mean anyway, except it sounds vaguely vegetarian and this meal is not vegetarian.
So what’s Napa?

Oh, please, use your imagination! It’s all about wine and lemons and spring greens and Dapple Dandies (dried pluots) and fresh peppercorns picked off the tree and kumquats ripped off the backyard bush last month – so, all sorts of ingredients and ideas brought back straight from the Napa region.
Because you can’t get them here? I understand you had trouble locating arugula

Ideas arise out of inspiration. I am, today, inspired. As for ingredients -- I remember attending a lecture once by Charlie Trotter where he said that these days you can get any ingredient from anywhere in the world if you are willing to pay the price for it. So I could perhaps have purchased everything from here, but that’s not a fun way of looking at things.
So you lugged food from California anyway? And wine? How quaint.

Yes, it’s the type of thing I would do. So today is Napa day.
Pictures? There’ll be pictures?

Definitely if something burns. Remember, I am on a modest streak at the moment.
On the other hand, we are celebrating a very important birthday, so photos may be appropriate. Check in later.