Saturday, April 09, 2005

New Ocean game revisited

Remember the rules: I post a photo of a dish I had for dinner and you guess the place, or if you are not a Midwesterner -- mull over what the dish may be. Today I'll give the answer right away -- it's only fair.

So, where am I and what am I eating?
Answer: Creole shrimp poor-boy on french roll with tomato, red onion and zesty remoulade.  Posted by Hello
Good place to get something to eat: outdoor tables (nippy, but they do have heat lamps) and a sign proclaiming that it is an EXCITING restaurant. Posted by Hello
You know you're finally unstressed and enjoying yourself when you find beauty in the refelction of a cab in the wine glass. Posted by Hello

What's driving me?

Q: What happens when you pick up a book-on-tape and you stick it in your car radio and lose yourself in the story?

A: You end up not wanting to stop driving, so that instead of winding up in your local Whole Foods (3.2 miles from home) you suddenly find yourself in Chicago (150.5 miles from home).
Though I did not intend to photoblog this daytrip, I can't resist a few shots. Posted by Hello
outdoor reflections Posted by Hello
Windy city classic Posted by Hello

The small section program: lightening the load of law school

I remember the first “small section*” of first year law students I ever taught. Two and a half years ago they were just starting. Now, in a few weeks, they’re out the door. Law school moves fast.

On this Friday night I again had a chance to see them as a group. We ate fried bread and taco fixings and there were Margaritas and Corona beers. Yes – Corona beers (has the world gone mad? Yes, alright, I, too, brought a six pack, how could I not, given my earlier post). We played games and I got very competitive (as I usually do under such circumstances).

This post is to you guys. Thanks for tonight and for the years of class time, the splendid reenactment of Mrs Palsgraf time, and of course, the office time, get out the tissue and cry on me time (see? it worked out, job-wise, otherwise!), take a walk through the Arboretum and give-my-dog-a-bone time. I can tell – you’re different today than you were in September ‘02.

For one thing, you beat me at nearly all the games we played tonight. Totally not fair. You’re more confident than I am!

* to those outside the legal world: each incoming student starts law school with a mandatory set of classes. One of these will be taught in a small section of around two dozen students. Naturally, by having class daily, the professor comes to know the small section students well and more importantly, they come to know each other. One of the most rewarding aspects of the small group program is facilitating the development of that bond (in the course of classtime and beyond) and then watching it take off and grow strong as the years progress.
On the way to the small section get-together, I pass the Union Terrace and, off to the side, oddly, a campfire. Posted by Hello
Part of small section no. 7: I am hovering over them, for one last time. Posted by Hello
From reenactments and blackboard sketches to a moment at the pool table at the end of the third year. Posted by Hello
Oddly, Corona seems to have made its way into each portion of this day. Posted by Hello