Monday, May 16, 2005

(From Krakow): interesting questions asked by my fellow travelers

Is there a hierarchy of nun habits? Is blue higher up than brown? Than gray?

Why do horses rest on only three feet?
horses, horses... Posted by Hello
Wouldn’t I be a better tour guide than Marta over at the Jagiellonian University who does the “Copernicus” tour?

Why don’t we get a tattoo?

Answers to some of the above and to random other questions buzzing around:

Not old things are worth preserving:
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Some old things are really worth preserving:
the castle courtyard Posted by Hello
I don’t know about being a tour guide, but I’d consider working as a gardener at the Wawel Castle, so long as I'd have a hoe like she does:
all it takes is a rake and a hoe.. Posted by Hello
Polish (folk) costumes for girls, on sale at the market, reminding me of the days when I owned one, wore one, felt proud in one:
at the market Posted by Hello
If the sun comes out suddenly, brilliantly, you think differently about desserts, about life, about tatoos:
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as Polish as apple pie... Posted by Hello
And the musicians played on: in this case, Vivaldi, the Four Seasons.
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