Tuesday, May 17, 2005

(From Krakow): …deck my garden walk

Lilies of the valley. Everywhere, buckets and buckets of them, in big bunches.
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I have no time to write. I realize that. My blog entries have a bare-boned feel to them. I have so many excuses. Work was today’s baby. Churches and castles and lizards were yesterday’s. Tomorrow we leave Krakow (though I will be back next week) and the day will spin into a madness that will make today and yesterday feel like a day at the spa – though one where sleep is withheld.

Poland for me demands both blogging and my attention. I want to write when I am here more than at any time or place in my days, at the same time that I want to not lock myself in my room just now.

One day at a time. Today I blogged. Tomorrow I will try very very hard. But it may be the first day where I will just have to hang up my posting mittens for a day. Understand, it will be a miracle to work through all that has to be done and no time will I be anywhere near a computer.

At least when an impatient reader clicks on Ocean, they will see the lilies of the valley. Life’s not bad if you can see all those lilies of the valley in buckets, everywhere.

(From Krakow): Kazimierz

If only 160 Jews live in Krakow now, are they dispersed, or do they concentrate in the old Jewish district of Kazimierz?

Can two cemeteries adequately commemorate those who lost their lives here?
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