Wednesday, May 25, 2005

(From Krakow): Nina, a.d.

Sometimes an event or an epiphanous thought will change your life. You’ll say: I was this way until Y happened and then I changed.

That’s what I am thinking on this bright May morning as I’m passing hour upon hour, sitting on the Main Square of Krakow, not doing much of anything.

No event or epiphanous thought has crossed my path, and yet – I know something: a change has occurred.

And so take heed good friends and readers: the author of Ocean is entering a new era. It’s as if my counting backwards has come to a 0 and a count forward begins. In this case, with no apologies. It’s just the way it is.

So, let me just note here the one change that will be evident on this blog:
There will be days when instead of text, you will see the following post here: “today, Ocean is taking a nap.” I do believe in writing every day, but sometimes that is all the posting I feel I can offer. I’ve posted daily for just about a year and a half now, and if I am to continue blogging, I have to take occasional days off.

Other changes? What’s life without mystery! Wait and see.

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(From Krakow): so ends my first ever trip back home with friends from across the ocean

I’m not leaving Poland just yet. Tomorrow I head for the mountains. My father is not well and he is staying there at least until the end of the month. It is the only way I can see him while I am in this country.

But Oscar and B are leaving for Germany tomorrow and with their departure, my time with Madisonians in Poland comes to end.

It has been a transformative experience for me to be with all these guys here, that’s for sure. It would be almost too personal for me to write at length about it, but I do want to note here my most general thoughts about these days of black currant juice and lilies of the valley:

- a revelation for me: yes, yes, an outsider can appreciate what an insider may be feeling. And, they can understand and have a greater tolerance than you for malfunctions and indelicacies, and they can take a greater delight and show a finer appreciation than you for the intricate fabric of your homeland.

- Poland is not for the fainthearted. The often violent and sometimes tender past are part of every cobblestone. But Poland is discoverable. I didn’t think it could be done well, and yet, all four travelers faced her squarely and with compassion.

- The language is not impossible. It’s not it’s not, it’s not! Right Oscar?

- You can eat a whole poppyseed cake and walk away with clean teeth.

- A café latte here can be superb: better than at any number of places in Madison. And it often comes with a view.

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