Friday, June 24, 2005

Latte and Latvia

I heard today from one of my oldest American friends and from one of my newest.

My oldest, Kathy, suggested an outdoor latte early in the morning. Why is that significant? If you have been in a bike accident, you’re hesitant about taking on big biking projects. It’s one thing to swing with Mr. B over to the local cafĂ©, it’s another to take him across town, over Hill and dale, to a more distant place, requiring some fancy peddling, with one hip/leg still looking like it’s storing a year’s supply of fruits and vegetables beneath the skin. Of the purple kind.

Morning bliss is making it there without incident and sipping this outside:
who wouldn't want this first thing in the morning... Posted by Hello
My newer friend is Q. I first met him on a train in Poland (described here). Q was concerned when he heard I am canceling a trip to Europe, currently on the books for July. Q would be concerned. He and his wife love Europe so much that they ditched their place in SF and moved there. He writes me: “if you want a new adventure, let’s meet in Latvia!”

He is a big fan of Latvia. I have never been to Latvia. I swear, if I knew I could get a latte in Latvia, I would go in a second. But right now I am hesitating. I have So Much On My Mind at the moment that it seems extreme. And expensive.

And my latte addiction cannot be appeased with other beverages these days. I need something wonderful and strong to keep me steady. Latte, I think you are second on my list of comfort objects to cling onto! But someday I’ll do it. I’ll pack my Dell and take Ocean to Latvia.

An ode to people who take on big projects

Empty shells Made better With the gutting Of inside space.
Turning it into Something new Not without faults Gritty and daring.

Random words spinning in my head as I look at what some creative types are doing with two old warehouses in an industrial park in downtown Madison.

Ann and I poked around yesterday afternoon after the construction crews had left. Just a photo or two of how things are looking (check out her own photos here for close-ups of graffiti on the outside walls):
Lorrilard tobacco warehouses: someone thought to gut them and turn them into living spaces Posted by Hello
looking down from a lofty room Posted by Hello
bright lofts and curving shapes Posted by Hello
bold skylights and pipes against dark, old timber Posted by Hello