Friday, August 05, 2005

Bloggerrantics, part 5

I did take a handful of photos before wallowing (see post below) set in good and hard. Here we go, outside Cafe Zoma, then inside the Cafe, waiting (with my flawed mechanicals) for the threesome to hike over and join up for a cool drink:

Madison Aug 05 098 gold on blue: a swallow and a sparrow?

Madison Aug 05 108 gold on gold: Jeremy shows up for the cool drink

Madison Aug 05 106 gold and blue: Ocean author, reflecting

Bloggerantics, part 4

I am being tested today for patience and anti-wallowing. The most obvious challenge comes from the world of computers. The less obvious ... oh why even go there when there is the obvious to talk about!

Two computers: one old, one new. Neither are working well. That is not a good turn of events when you are to spend a day with bloggers blogging.

At home, the Internet is down (I am on dial-up again) and time's a wastin.'

Because I spent hours on these problems, while bloggers roamed the Willie Street neighborhood taking pictures for their blogs, I sat at various places and said to myself "I am a patient and anti-wallowing person, I am a patient and anti-wallowing person..." pretty much over and over again.

The patient part at least worked and I screamed at no one.

I do wish my grandma, the one with the ample bosom and endless cuddling invitations was alive and by my side right now.

Bloggerrantics, part 3

Why are you so quiet?? -- I am asked.

I don't know, I think I remind myself today a little of him:

Madison Aug 05 096
Outside Mo Fool's

Bloggerrantics, part 2

Madison Aug 05

Blogging fools at Mo Fools?

Bloggerrantics, part 1

He was a portrait taker! How could you not understand my post title?! Blogger query of the morning.

A day of blogging around town: Oscar’s choice for a birthday celebration. Stay tuned – all we’re doing this day is … that.