Saturday, August 13, 2005


When there is too much day within a day, then the energy level to write anything sensible about it goes WAY down.

You will understand how impossibly packed this day was when I tell you that I was off of the Net from 6:30 am until my brief and inconsequential post in the late afternoon. Completely un-Nina like.

It was ye old Saturday filled with the predictable: the Market, the Goodwill, the furniture delivery and deliberations, etc. Oh, but how wonderful to have the Law School reunion continue right there in the loft! It is a given that people who were mutually supportive in early years would continue to lend a hand now. [Sometimes, in the past, you'd get so lost in the quagmire of home tasks, school tasks, little infant demands and everything in between that you would desperately want someone else to just decide for you on how to proceed. Today, I felt that way about the consequential task of placing a table in a good location.]

Madison Aug 05 162 arranging

Madison Aug 05 165combining

Madison Aug 05 159 photographing

Running: chasing down the essentials. Elluding the rain. Wishing it would not come down so hard as to get everything wet in the car that was left with open windows.

But then, in the later afternoon my attention shifted with the arrival of my daughters.

And still, the running theme continues: Home, store, loft, and finally -- screw it all, let's go have our seared Ahi tuna, along with some potent colorful drinks at our favorite State Street drink generating place.

Madison Aug 05 181

And there is always the poster boy for State Street spray painting to admire. And B & J ice cream to eat...

Madison Aug 05 187

Madison Aug 05 192

And driving home, the loud music and the loud voices and the setting sun that makes it that much more spectacular.

Madison Aug 05 193 so vivid

Madison Aug 05 197 so matched to the Dar song playing on an old truck tape

It's just that the energy to create a story out of it all is ... significantly diminished.

Yes, I will post today

...but it will be late.

...though with photos.

...not very good ones. it goes.