Friday, October 21, 2005

From NYC: after the museum, the real thing

Afternoon: I am in New York, idling away a few hours. I hike over to the Whitney Museum of American Art on 75th. I’m getting lazy. A suitcase to pull, a computer to carry. I get on the Madison Avenue bus. I don’t have enough quarters. I get off the Madison Avenue bus.

More blocks. I’m there. I want to see a special exhibit of photographs. Theme: Sub/urbia, the new city. Kind of strange to look for that in New York after having (gladly) moved from the suburbs this summer. In order to get closer to downtown Madison. Life is strange.

The exhibit is good. For example:

New York Oct 05 004
sub-urbia on display

But it takes only ten minutes to view it and I have paid $12 to be here. No matter, there’s always Edward Hopper.

New York Oct 05 007
looking at a Hopper, looking like a Hopper

The trouble is, once you have seen a roomful of Edward Hoppers, you begin to see Hopper-esque scenes everywhere. I take a cab to Grand Central, go down and find the train for New Haven.

New York Oct 05 018
a woman waits at the train station

New York Oct 05 020
commuter train: going home

New York Oct 05
private thoughts