Thursday, October 27, 2005

i'll bet my behind that this child is everyone's pet

When do I ever devote an entire post to praising a fellow blogger? When?! When??!!

It's rare.

But this post is for Brando [hi Brando -- is your finger on F5 yet? No? oooooh, soon! so good! so good!*].

...because his post about his addiction to comments is the best. Ever. [hi again, pal!]

Brando (of One Child Left Behind fame, see sidebar) is one of my three favorite on this planet storybloggers. I aspire to be a storyblogger, but I see myself at level Z, whereas he is up there in the first letters of the alphabet.

But don't go there. Stay with me. My posts are shorter.

Today, though, be fickle and jump ship. It's that good.

* this is not an inside joke. read his post and you'll get it. get it. yeah!