Sunday, October 30, 2005

No one ever called it Staid Street

I went prepared. I took along the burliest friend I have, someone who would tower over the rest (and therefore find me if I got lost chasing down a Kodak moment), someone who claims he once put a fist through a windshield (and therefore would not hesitate, I hoped, in putting a fist through the jaws of some filthy and lewd type with bad street manners), someone who again and again and again was told his Philip Jackson costume was great (but who was not wearing a Philip Jackson costume; he just sort of looked like Philip Jackson – thanks, Saul, for explaining to me minutes ago who Philip Jackson is).

Okay, let me roll back a bit.

I wanted to go to the State Street Halloween bash. We’re not talking about small, college-town party. We are talking about a big-time event where 100,000 show up and pack the street looking, to a large extent, very naked. In spite of the cold.

First, though, before setting out, one has to pad the stomach. You know, to protect it against possible attack.

Madison Oct 05 243 Bunky's on Atwood

So we set out in a small group, all patiently indulging my desire to learn more about my new camera and night street photography. Yeah, that’s why I did it.

This morning, I reviewed the photos. I called a fellow blogger and got advice:

Do you suppose I can post an excellent photo of [costume where someone is engaged in an obscene and immoral act]?
NO! – she tells me.

How about a great photo of [costume where someone is engaged in another obscene and immoral act]?
Hell, I wasn’t serious.

Okay, here are some tamer shots then. I’ll say more once you’ve taken a look at a presentable handful.

Madison Oct 05 310 Capitol: front view

Madison Oct 05 311 Capitol: rear view

Madison Oct 05 280

Madison Oct 05 312

Madison Oct 05 313

Madison Oct 05 324

Madison Oct 05 328 dancin' the clothes away

Well yes, you are correct. I realized that this morning. There seem to be no photos of women. Yes there were women. Yes they dressed crazily as well. I don’t understand it myself. The only decent and publishable photos are of half-naked guys. I don’t get it don’t get it don’t get it.

Most certainly, it was a crazy night. Leaving before 1 allowed us to escape the slight altercation between several hundred and the mounted police. I had to feel sorry for the mounted police. Everyone kept cozying up to their horses then cursing them as they dropped manure and people stepped in it.

This morning, at the Mifflin Street Co-op, I saw the occasional straggler, dragging in, still in costume. (One has to wonder why he would be looking at beer at 9 am, but hey, the young seem to have stamina for that sort of thing.)

Madison Oct 05 332

Me, I preferred to spend some quiet contemplative moments talking about the days gone by while looking out at our totally cool skyline. And the geese, flying every which way.

Madison Oct 05 343