Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween revisited, one last time (one hopes)

I had a few extra class minutes yesterday and so I asked my adorable Torts class for personal advice. I know, I know, it is supposed to work the other way: they should be consulting with me about their important decisions. But I respect their opinion and wisdom and so I found myself turning to them with the following query:

If there are some forty apartments in my building and only one has children and these children live there for only half the week, what is the likelihood that I will need candy for Halloween and if I do need it, what kind should I get (notable fact to remember: any leftovers will come with me to class the next day)?

The students were more than happy to help. I heard Snickers. I heard Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I heard Skittles. I noted to myself that a trip to Walgreen’s was in order.

But then I read Oscar’s post on Halloween candy and pangs of guilt and remorse swept over me. I was feeding America with mass-produced poisonous chemical-filled trash, to be purchased at a chain that did not need my business. And suddenly I remembered that a kind friend gave me the gift of a membership to Mifflin Street Co-op this week-end.

Obviously I could not, COULD NOT buy poisonous chemical-filled trash for my beloved adorable Torts students (to say nothing of the kids in the apartment building).

I’m breaking it to you gently, guys: forget gooey chewy candy bars and colorful nuggets of sugar bliss. We’re going with fair trade. We’re going with what is right. We’re going with… oh, let me keep the hope alive. …I'll tell you after the noon hour (the time of the class).