Sunday, November 13, 2005

who has seen the wind?

(very early Sunday) I want to go to Parfrey’s Glen today.
(I get a stare for that one. As well I should. It is cold outside. November cold. High winds, gray skies, an occasional release of rain.)
Wouldn’t you rather wait until there is a light coating of snow? Come on, wait for it: better contrast, better photos…

Okay, I suppose you can compare the contrast then and now. Okay… At least it wont be crowded…

Oh, it sure isn’t crowded. Driving there, the wind whips the car around. Maybe it is hinting at something? Like: you are nuts! Stay home!

Madison Nov 05 197

On the way we pass a small town. The kind that has one main street and then not much of anything. And that is assuming that the main street can be called much of anything.

You want to stop at a bakery? It’s not terrific. Not your ├ęclair and napoleon type bakery.
(Why do people assume I am such a food snob?)
I happen to like all sorts of decently baked goods! (Even though none are to be found around here. Why aren't there any decently baked goods around here? Okay, I am a baked goods food snob.)

In a small town bakery: chocolate ducks (so says the sign) and sticky buns.

Madison Nov 05 199

Parfrey’s Glen.

Hey, older daughter (this is in a subsequent conversation), I know I have never taken you to Parfrey’s Glen, but I was wondering, have you ever been there anyway?
On a school trip, a long time ago.

I thought I went on every darn school trip ever suggested to me! Except for the cave one. I refused to go on that. Deliberately. Can you imagine something more claustrophobic than crawling behind some teacher’s butt down a narrow tunnel with (inevitably, one would think) some kid screaming - help! I’m stuck! ???

Parfrey’s Glen. Rock formations, trees, and the creek that runs through it.

Madison Nov 05 213

Madison Nov 05 218

Madison Nov 05 225

Madison Nov 05 229

So tell me, you seem like you're such an outdoors nut -- have you really turned your back on camping?
The woods, the ravines, the streams, they don’t have Wi-Fi, do they?

Afterwards we pick up the Ice Age trail. I still don’t get it. It is not a trail that leads you to the Ice Age. It is not altogether clear to me if it leads you to much of anything. Google it all you want. I am satisfied that it is a trail that somehow weaves its way through Wisconsin and you can walk it or not, but if you do, you will not be sorry.

Madison Nov 05 236

A gray and blustery Sunday in Wisconsin. Winds blowing, trees dancing.

Madison Nov 05 205