Saturday, December 03, 2005

make me feel like it’s December already..

My most recent days have had a lot of December in them. I may not write about it, but I certainly belong to the non-religious bunch who are nonetheless happy happy happy to:

a. listen to Christmas music;
b. put up the most splendid tree ever for the holidays;
c. cook, bake and otherwise think and work around seasonal foods. (In fact, I always gain at least five pounds in December. It is quite unfortunate that this follows the couple pound gain on Thanksgiving, but what are you gonna do…)

Okay. Holiday spirit. Here’s mine so far:

1. I was nice today to two friends. Over and beyond. C’mon! That counts!

2. Yesterday I bought a tree. I was told to get the biggest one sold. I bought the biggest one sold.

Madison Dec 05 015
the challenge: to find anything in the heap of trees, for sale at the UW Forestry Club's annual tree sale

3. Dark chocolate, covering gingerbread. Yeah. That’s always on the list. I oblige.

Madison Dec 05 017
suns, moons, stars

4. It helped that it snowed to high heaven today. I'm tickled to be walking, driving, skiing and otherwise moving in snow. I am. Today I walked. And within two blocks of my loft, I came across the risk-takers – those who believe in thick rather than thin ice. These dudes:

Madison Dec 05 022
barely thick enough ice, during a winter storm

It’s a good thing that I am leaving the country next week. Otherwise I would be likely to post sappy little numbers here all month long. December is all about gloom and sap. Huge amounts of the latter, but always held in check by the former.