Sunday, December 18, 2005

from france: final fireworks

Yesterday -- the last day. Morning spent walking through the rich countryside of central France; the afternoon -- in an ostensibly sleepy cathedral town that was not so sleepy on the last shopping Saturday before Christmas. Dinner at le Cheval Blanc. And it’s over. This morning we head back for Madison.

Here it is, a final burst of fireworks from a day that had it all:

Loire Dec 05 255
is this any way to start the day?

Loire Dec 05 261

Yvoy le Marron: village chat

Loire Dec 05 262

he gets around (but why not through the chimney?)

Loire Dec 05 268

la vraie campagne (the real countryside)

Loire Dec 05 274

the sun comes out

Loire Dec 05 281

the ducks play

Loire Dec 05 282

forest light

Later, in Bourges:

Loire Dec 05 284

here as well

Loire Dec 05 286

first stop: pastries of course

Loire Dec 05 291

dare I order the big one?

Loire Dec 05 289

no, two small ones will do (Ed shares)

Loire Dec 05 338

crowds come out on this last Saturday before Christmas

Loire Dec 05 340

but at dusk, in the shadows of the cathedral...

Loire Dec 05 312

it's not all about shopping -- a Christmas fair: colorful scarves, beautiful voices

Loire Dec 05 299

at the fair: a dreamer

Loire Dec 05 319

hot stuff

Loire Dec 05 332

on stilts: working the crowds

And back at the Auberge du Cheval Blanc:

Loire Dec 05 346
the best meat dish of the trip: terrine with onion confiture

Loire Dec 05 348
scaling back: only 4 this time

Loire Dec 05 351

the best rendition of that oozing chocolate indulgence