Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ocean update: a new and improved comments policy!

Most blogs I read have comments sections. In nearly all, commenters identify themselves in a consistent way – either with a link to their blogs or webpages, or by use of a pseudonym. The pseudonyms do not change over time. Indeed, I have come to know the commenter personalities by recognizing the name they give each time. The names may not be real, but in my reading of their posts or comments, I know something about these people. And so the conversation is a good one.

In only a couple of blogs, I find a heavy use of complete anonymity in the comments sections. I do not want Ocean to become a forum for anonymous commenters (who, for all I know are only one or two people, muckin’ around as if they were many). So long as I permit the use of “anonymous,” I cannot screen these out. And indeed, some are quite innocent. The writers may not know that I would like a consistent use of an identifying label.

Some are perniciously evil. Some play games by making up a name that they then toss out, only to pick up another. Some have taken to using a name that someone else has adopted as their own. You guys suck and if I sense that this is going on I will ignore you or delete you, as I see fit.

I respect and like comments, but I don’t want a trail of Anons. So please, use names, don’t steal the identities of others and stay with your choice. Please.

[I will also delete comments that bully, jab at or in any way demean anyone the wide world over.]

With deep appreciation,

Jan 06 020


  1. Maybe some commentors secretly desire much needed discipline from the blogmaster :)

    I will pray that all commentors adhere to your strict policies... or face the wrath of NINA!!!

  2. me & Tonya: I imagine the Wrath of Nina is a very scary thing, indeed. HPPS* Wrath is not to be meddled with -- I know, I grew up in fear of provoking it!

    *HPPS = Hearty Polish Peasant Stock (alas, as the runt of the litter, it seems all the heartiness genes have skipped out on me!)

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. 2006 is the year Bully Free, I say.

    *sorry about the deleted comment*

  5. hi hi Nina I hope u can join us Monday afternoon (fivish). I'd like to cook on the grill for Terry, Ed, Sue & U. Niether Ed or terry would offer any menu suggestions. Let me know i there is anything u would like burnt to a crisp on the Webber. Scott Erwin


I welcome comments, but I will not publish submissions that insult or demean, or that are posted anonymously. I am sorry to lose commenting Ocean friends who are not registered, but I want to encourage readers to submit remarks only if they feel they can stand behind their words. I do not seek a free-for-all here. I like camaraderie far more than conflict.