Sunday, January 08, 2006

shades of gray

A walk downtown this morning reminds me what month we’re in. Oftentimes, Madison has brilliant winters. But there are weeks like this one, where it’s not exactly cold but it may as well be. The snow melted under the violent rainstorm last week. The skies refuse to clear for more than an hour or two. It just seems bleak out there.

Walking along Lake Monona, I’m thinking that there is a reason why people from Iceland feel comfortable here.

Jan 06 044

I swear, I have not tampered with color in these two shots: the camera was set on normal mode. The sun is coming through, but just barely, in small bands of faint yellow against a gray everything else.

In some spots, water is seeping to the surface. Maybe from a current or stream, maybe from a pipe. Somehow this is reassuring. In another couple of months we’ll see water on the entire lake again.

Wont we?

Jan 06 046