Wednesday, January 18, 2006

three gifts

In the last day or so, I received two gifts of a material nature. One expands and contracts, is snazzy and sleek, German-made, steel gray in color. The other is soft, with large holes. It is handmade, blue, equally useful and pleasing in design.

Today it was my turn to buy a gift. My choice was pearly white in places, small by comparison, perhaps not very useful, but still marking a change that is soon to take place in someone's life.

Gifts. I want to say they are an exquisite idea. I am reviewing these three over and over in my head, I think of the accompanying words, spoken, or written, and in the third case -- about to be spoken and written, and I want to say -- if only the givers (and soon the receiver) knew how much more has been said because something was given along with words. Sometimes words benefit from an added boost.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out which is what, though maybe not... My close-ups are meant to obfuscate the obvious:

Jan 06 302
rubbed steel

Jan 06 306
blue knots

Jan 06 304
pearly white