Wednesday, February 01, 2006

art, animals, food

This morning at the loft I watched my new fish move in the aquarium. Back and forth they swam, sometimes aiming for the top where their food generally appears, sometimes exploring the little cave-like formation.

My friend gave me this generous gift (because I helped her search for the perfect condo). I wanted to protest, but I am glad I accepted it. The only irritant is the gurgling noise of the water filtering system, but the tank reacts to a remote control I have. One click of a button and the sound disappears.

Jan 06 623

This afternoon another friend stopped by my office, also with a gift: a rooster, so fitting when you consider that I have a teeny collection of exquisite birds gracing my window. There, I’m placing him amidst the others.

Animals in art.

Jan 06 626

The only problem is that I am hungry. It is late. I would so love a nice warm dinner out – seafood maybe? Or, comfort food of a traditional sort, like roasted chicken? I cannot. Today, I have to be a vegetarian. It seems harsh otherwise, given my two lovely gifts.

[You too can bring this tank of fish into your space. The dvd is made by Lagoon Multimedia. In the alternative, you can purchase a disc depicting a crackling fire in a fireplace. No mess, no fuss. Just the sights and sounds we associate with a good old fashioned fire. Oh, I guess the smell isn't there. That may be a good thing when it comes to fish.]