Tuesday, February 07, 2006

from tucson: exits

Doors. So many posters I have seen! Posters of doors. Doors of Madison. Doors of Tuscany. Doors of Yale.

Doors as openings. Doors to historic houses. Adobe buildings of an older Tucson. Doors freeing you to paint them, admire them, photograph them.

Feb 06 Tucson 192

Expressing color. Why do doors into homes with a weaker sun over them (in Wisconsin, for example) shun color? Brown doors up north. Colorful doors down south.

Doors to friendship, doors to new interiors, doors to caf├ęs where they serve strawberry lemonade. With a raspberry bar. Eaten outside under a strong sun.

Feb 06 Tucson 223

And don't forget about wrought iron gates and fences. Decorative: oh! that is so lovely. Or plain: I plan to paint every last bar of it, the owner tells me.

Feb 06 Tucson 213

Doors. Favorite ones:

Feb 06 Tucson 199 Feb 06 Tucson 191 Feb 06 Tucson 197

Feb 06 Tucson 204 Feb 06 Tucson 200 Feb 06 Tucson 202

Feb 06 Tucson 211 Feb 06 Tucson 208 Feb 06 Tucson 214

Doors for visual effect, doors that are functional. Barricades. Gates. Other gates. Boundary gates. So let’s extend a helping hand, across the Rio Grande… Let them out, let them in. Let’s see your card, step this way please.

Gates of entry. Of passage. The flight to St Paul-Minneapolis will be boarding from Gate 10. Weather in Minneapolis? The captain pauses for effect. A balmy 22 degrees.

Closure to the 78 degrees of Arizona. The cabin door is closed, turn off your cell phones. Thank you for flying with us.

Thank you, thank you. Thank you, hosts and friends and hummingbirds and suns setting and warm sunlight the next morning, waking me up even before the dog barks.