Monday, February 20, 2006

from quebec city: do as the romans

Walk the city streets briskly, pick up foods at the epicerie, follow the side streets home.

Quebec Feb 06 266

Near the old town, take out your blades (or rent some), turn your face away from the direction of the wind and skate. Then, because it is the ubiquitous treat around here, take a bag of maple syrup cones home.

Quebec Feb 06 277
who is this person? wonder if she keeps a blog...

Quebec Feb 06 297
a shack with skates and maple sugar cones

Quebec Feb 06 301
instead of ice cream

If it gets too cold, warm up at the local café, where they are serving hot mushroom soup. Or, just sip your espresso and catch up on the paper.

Quebec Feb 06 315

Going home, be careful. Snow removal is in full swing. Nearly every block has a guy on the roof pushing the stuff down. Step out of the way.

Quebec Feb 06 317

And for God’s sake, enjoy the food. Post on food will follow. Tomorrow. I am off now to enjoy the food.