Tuesday, February 21, 2006

from quebec city: comfort in food

I wake up, look out the window of the once-warehouse hotel. I seem to only inhabit century-old warehouses these days.

Quebec Feb 06 115

Looks cold outside. Back to sleep. Wake up again. Ah. They are serving breakfast here now.

Quebec Feb 06 117
in addition to the granola, I pick up one or two of these. I'll stay silent on how many my traveling companion can eat at a sitting.

A few steps outside and I feel I have earned the next round.

Quebec Feb 06 314
asparagus and cheese melted over a baguette

An aperitif in front of the fireplace at the hotel. It stirs the appetite. Dinner? About time.

Quebec Feb 06 248
warm goat cheese on a toasted baguette, mixed greens

Quebec Feb 06 325
snails over puff pastry

Quebec Feb 06 112
halibut with crab, over shaved fennel, in a lobster - tomato sauce

Quebec Feb 06 008
fried ice cream in maple sauce

A walk along the river at night is de rigeur. I mean, there is great comfort in fresh and honest food, but watching the bricks of ice on the river, shifting directions with the ocean tide, is even more calming. Truly, in the end, I did not even notice how cold it is out there in the Quebec air.

Returning to Madison today.