Saturday, March 04, 2006

March madness, of the good kind

You wake up, you look out and you see blue. You wait an hour, another, and still it is blue. Deep blue.

You drive out ten minutes, abandon the car and start walking. Suddenly, you have silence. Between trees you see Lake Waubesa. Fishermen, still there, in abundance actually.

Overhead, a hawk. Snow is melting. Not rapidly, but melting.

An hour later you head home. Oh, just a few more minutes! You follow the bike trail, the one that passes by your loft. On the offshoot of Lake Monona, the fishermen here too are reaching into that lake, pulling out the last of the little squiggly things. In the distance, a man looks affectionately at his dog, right there, in the middle of the lake.

Such is a March Saturday in Madison.

Madison Mar 06 044
fishing, lake Waubesa

Madison Mar 06 057
a pat, lake Monona