Sunday, March 05, 2006

day is done

Is a blog the place to exhale? I am exhaling, wearily, spent.

Thirty years ago, I had an Oscars party. I invited friends. I met someone who would, within minutes (yes…) become my husband for the next three decades.

Today, the snow fell, gently, then rapidly. I spent the day talking to people who were reviewing their own past.

It continued, the snow did. Eventually, I spun the wheels of my leased car and drove down to Lake Mendota with my daughter. She told me that one of her best memories is of a snowstorm many years back where I had shooed the family out for a walk by lake Mendota. Today she and I walked there, retracing the steps of ten, twenty years back.

Back home, I did what I needed to do: I cooked for you (even though so many of you could not be here). Roasted pepper soup, figs with cheese, beef with horseradish, citrus rubbed shrimp, chocolate pots de crème.

To you, for this day that was a whiteout weatherwise and clear as anything otherwise.

Madison Mar 06 084
two birds, different, eyeing each other (Lake Mendota)

Madison Mar 06 090
roasting figs

Madison Mar 06 097
citrus rubbed shrimp

Madison Mar 06 099
pots de creme