Thursday, March 16, 2006

reflecting on stuff

First of all, food. Most people start the day by thinking of all that’s ahead of them. I looked outside, noted the snowstorm…

Madison Mar 06 251
view through the screen

…and put thoughts of work and chores aside. No use moving rapidly into the day when the day turns out to be the kind that pushes you back under the quilt.

So instead, I thought about the foods I had been working on the past couple of days. I’d never made any of the dishes before. It’s far more interesting to experiment with new stuff.

Madison Mar 06 244
galette de crabe "le bec-fin" (crab and shrimp galette with a light mustard sauce)

But with old combinations of people there at the table. People, whose quirks and idiosyncrasies you know by heart. People who have eaten at your house so many times that they have grown used to your kitchen habits, who are patient, who can carry on even as you drift in and out of talk, with half your mind focused on the next dish and the next.

The loft this week is full of people, staying here, eating, coming in and out.

I’m sitting and watching the snow fall, thinking every good thought on the planet, neglecting work, neglecting worry, neglecting stacks of paper.

Spring break works its magic.

Madison Mar 06 252