Friday, March 17, 2006

spring green

Come pub crawling, it’s St. Patrick’s! I’m one-quarter Irish.
I’m not Irish. Poles only recently love the Irish. In my days, Ireland was a place for the US bound Polish jet to refuel, nothing more. Your worthless Polish currency couldn’t even buy you a pint of beer at the airport.

Come pub crawling anyway. Green beer. You can take photos.
I have no interest in photographing beer diluted with green water.

The people, it’s all about the people.
If by The People you mean college kids getting drunk on State Street, believe me, I have enough connection to The People on an almost daily basis.

Please! It’s sunny. And spring break. Look! State Street is full of people your age!
It used to be Please Take a Walk With Me, now it’s please let’s drink green beer. You’ve lost touch with the inner me.

Have I ever asked you for anything with such earnestness?

It’s four o’clock in the afternoon, do you know where your children are??
One of mine is by my side at the Irish Pub on State Street. And no, I am not having a green beer. And yes, I am finding it an interesting place for a few minutes of camera time.

Madison Mar 06 262
green hats, green pitchers, greenbacks

Madison Mar 06 259
she's got her work cut out for her today

Madison Mar 06 260
an old woman rests her hand on the bar; it's my birthday, she says