Monday, March 20, 2006

bird story

A few paces south of the Beltline (the highway that wraps itself around the perimeters of Madison), you can pick up a trail that will lead you to the shores of Lake Waubesa. Eventually, you’ll reach railroad tracks that bridge a waterway linking Waubesa with Mud Lake (or Goose, or whatever other generic name you want to give to the lake adjacent to it). Following the tracks back toward Madison places you in the midst of the marshes where birds mate, eat, rest and generally hide from the likes of me.

I walked there yesterday. Watching the games geese play with each other, I thought a lot about the way we ourselves coax and tease, laugh, eat (an essential in my case) and play with, and generally chase down the objects of our affection.

Madison Mar 06 296
he chases her

Madison Mar 06 298
she then chases him

Madison Mar 06 308
a secret, underwater pursuit

Madison Mar 06 313
they're just so into each other

Madison Mar 06 314
he's doing the mating dance

Madison Mar 06 317

Madison Mar 06 325
traveling together

Madison Mar 06 326
two take off

Madison Mar 06 329
heading into the sunset, alone

Madison Mar 06 341

Madison Mar 06 351
too much togetherness?

Madison Mar 06 352
keeping up with her

Madison Mar 06 350
two birdwatchers, waiting, with expectations