Tuesday, March 21, 2006

spinning wheels

Have coffee with me?
Okay, but I am, have been, will continue to be a sackful of issues. You want calm? Not me. Not this week, not this month. I have issues, you hear me? I have issues!

Such was an email exchange I had earlier today. Perhaps not as emphatic, but close. Rather than run away from the prospect of coffee with a woman with issues, my coffee-mate (is that still in production?) was tantalized.

Of course, verbalizing issues has this effect: it makes them appear small. By the end of our meeting I was thinking that I don’t even have issues, I just have a fertile imagination. There’s a difference.

The pushing aside of my issues freed me: I was able to accompany my coffee-mate (that just sounds so wrong) to Little Luxuries on State Street where she admired hairbands and I considered acquiring this item:

Madison Mar 06 362

Literature after my own heart. Imagine, I may be at the cusp of something big. Any year now.

For everything else, there’s Ocean.