Saturday, March 25, 2006


Did you pick up a detailed map of the state yesterday?
I forgot.
Wait, you called me from Borders. I told you the name of the map. When did you have time to forget?
It was educators’ discount days at Borders and they were giving our free sandwich wraps and brownies and 30 days of Internet use and that was distracting enough, but then I met up with a fellow blogger and she was wearing these cool green shoes and a green low-neckline sweater and this scarf and cap and she looked so swank and we got to talking about clothes, because just this day I fell in love with an espresso-toned, thinly-ribbed tank top on State Street that was $41 and we were commiserating how expensive it is to be the kind of woman who wants to dress well and so I left without remembering why I had gone there to begin with.
Okay, we’ll wing it. Back roads, no map. Should be interesting.

[The above is a conversation from this morning. The goal is to find a friend of my traveling companion, way up in northern Wisconsin. The friend is tapping maple trees. I have visions of buckets and dripping little spouts but I am told that my quaint images are dated and obsolete. In any case, my camera battery is charged and I found a spot some five hours from here that has WiFi. And the temperatures are above freezing. How good is that.]