Tuesday, March 28, 2006

northern sights

From a comment to the previous post, I learn that Bloomer, my week-end food stop on a trip up north, is not really regarded as northern Wisconsin.


However, that was only a food stop. Indeed, it was some distance away from the overnight in Turtle Lake – an indication of how far I needed to go to eat decently (according to my b&b hosts).

Now, you may argue that Turtle Lake is also not “northern Wisconsin.” I would have issues with that. Barron County is north, damn it! While people were strolling on State Street on a sunny Sunday, with temps in Madison crossing the magic 50 degree mark, I was up north, doing this:

Madison Mar 06 493
the only way to get around

And the lake was frozen, so that when I, in my borrowed snowshoes, traipsed out to the middle of it to take this photo:

Madison Mar 06 510

…I did not go under. Nothing even cracked beneath me, in spite of the fact that I weighed a ton, having eaten this for breakfast:

Madison Mar 06 489

Madison Mar 06 488

Madison Mar 06 491

Madison Mar 06 492

So, compare the snowshoe stuff with photos taken on the way back, still north of Madison, north of the Dells, in fact, but still in central Wisconsin:

Madison Mar 06 530
cranberry fields forever

Madison Mar 06 537

…Compare that with the photos from Turtle Lake. I mean, come on! Turtle Lake is north.

Madison Mar 06 500

Madison Mar 06 522