Saturday, April 01, 2006


I ask Ed, the guy I often do stuff with: what's that?

Madison Mar 06 606

What's what? These are trail maps, of course.
Why what?
Why are you looking at trail maps?
You said you wanted to hike out in the country.

To me, this means getting out of the car, taking a walk, growing tired of walking, returning to the car and driving to get something substantial to eat, having earned it with that "country walk."

Why do we need maps?
So that we know where to go. Let's see, maybe this twelve mile spin up to the observation tower in the Kettle Moraine...
Twelve mile spin? April Fool's, right? When do we eat? Can we go to Milwaukee to eat?

Here the conversation comes to a significant impasse. I see we have issues to resolve (including Ed's allergy to cities). One thing is certain. My blogging wont resume until tonight or tomorrow. When this guy sets out to hike, he means business. When I set out in search of a meal, I mean business. It remains to be seen where this day will take us.