Monday, April 03, 2006

it’s 7:35, it's light, it’s spring; otherwise, not much happenin’

I do not create a bloggable life. Indeed, most days, like today, are outstanding in their blog-unworthiness.

I got up.
I dropped off car keys.
I worked.
I paid bills.
I mailed bills.
I scrambled eggs.

This takes me to 7:35 pm which, I believe is right now.

I did make one concession to Ocean while walking to the mailbox (with the bills). I detoured for half a block, just to see if men were fishing now that the ice was gone. Indeed, they were. And there were a few other signs of a Madison spring:

Madison Apr 06 072
hark! it is the orange guy. you either love him or...not. He plays the piccolo. Constantly. Outside. Same tunes, year in, year out.

Madison Apr 06 073
in my neighborhood, by the lake; a spring dance? no, a twosome at the hoop.

Madison Apr 06 080
fishing by the RR tracks