Friday, April 14, 2006

good weather, bad weather

One look outside and I knew it was a Mr.B moment. Warm, balmy, murky, but inviting. I took a spin around Fitchburg. For those not in the know, Fitchburg is Madison’s escape suburb. You move there if you do not want the big city feel of Madison. (I know, I know.) Fitchburg has changed since I took note of it some ten years back. How best to describe it?

Construction. There are many men with hammers. And there are many buildings at various stages of completion.

Madison Apr 06 233

Nature? Country air? Sure, if you can find your way out of subdivisions. These goosies are lost. They will forever circle this pond wondering what hell brought them here and how best to leave.

Madison Apr 06 239

Still, you can find farms and sheds and empty spaces and Russian bakeries baking poppyseed kolatchky...

Madison Apr 06 234

Oh, I interrupt this post as the loft roof just caved in. Hail, pounding away, brought with it soot and tar from the rafters and I am covered with it!

I will resume posting tomorrow. After a discussion with management about rent abatement.