Saturday, April 15, 2006

shades of blue

STORM UPDATE: So the roof over the loft held steady. True, flakes of the older roof came crashing down as a result of yesterday’s hail storm, as if some spirits of darkness went through and liberally doused the place with buckets of charred and blackened logs. Nothing that a few hours of dusting and vacuuming could not pick up. An apologetic landlord sent notes promising help with the clean up. After I had already cleaned up.

Of course, it was a vivid reminder of how this supposedly gentle season can deliver some forceful punches. A lesson that seems to have left my conscience by the morning, as I set out for my Mr. B ride (a habit now, so that I can fit into stuff come summer).

I have enough sense to look over at the skies toward the horizon. Wow, that is one deep shade of blue. One hill of puffing later, I look up again. Wow, that is bluer that blue! Indeed, it is no longer blue. More like dark and ominous.

How unfortunate.

And how remarkable that whatever system was passing through decided to loop around Mr. B and me, so that indeed, my only problem was battling the wind, skirting branches and twigs and other storm debris on the bike path and avoiding bold and brazen geese.

By late afternoon all was over and done with. The sky turned a cornflower blue. Come out, come out. Oh, spring.

Madison Apr 06 250
morning: from John Nolen Drive

Madison Apr 06 252
morning: lake Monona

Madison Apr 06 248
goose on the loose

Madison Apr 06 260
afternoon: from Monona Drive