Tuesday, April 18, 2006

can’t be done

I set a goal: write five exam questions per day. I wake up early, work through my lectures, meetings, emails and then finally I am ready. Question number one. No, wait, there is an errand that needs to be run. On the Capitol Square. Sunshine? Let me walk over. Reflecting on how pretty the day is…

Madison Apr 06 320

Perhaps a little movement? Why not spin out into the country? Just a few minutes down the road.. Ohhh, cool outside. Okay, I’ll work at my friend’s place. Comfortable now in the kitchen… But that tail of an overly affectionate cat, looking for love in all the wrong places: cat, get off my legal pad! Back and forth, back and forth. Clearly I need to take a break…

Madison Apr 06 323

And always, the country roads beckon.

Madison Apr 06 324

It’s dusk now. I wrote two questions. Pedal back to the loft, coming around Monona Bay, yet another view of the white dome.

Madison Apr 06 326

Madison and environs are a distraction at this time of the year.