Tuesday, April 25, 2006

state colors

Hey, Wisconsin loyalists, we are in the middle of spirit week! Of course, if you’re visiting from elsewhere and you don’t know this, it may appear that we are batty. Tuesday is the designated red and white day. On Monday, Bucky was on the hill and a bagel ‘n juice breakfast was on the house.

Madison Apr 06 483
breakfast with bucky badger on bascom

Madison Apr 06 485
...because it's spring

I took a break this past evening to celebrate being frantically busy. This may not make sense to anyone else, but breaks come naturally to me. I have a plateful and yet I leave town for a different kind of plateful. The good people in Lake Mills who taught me ice sailing back in January were grilling and I was itching to have fantastically flavorful piece of meat and this:

Madison Apr 06 493
another shade of green

…overlooking the now very unfrozen this:

Madison Apr 06 494
ice free

My host volunteers with the Lake Mills Fire Department and so we took a hike to examine up close the guts of a fire station. Inside, all is spiffy and red and ready to go.

Madison Apr 06 498

To me, the job appears stressful to the max. But the wife of our host said that her fears were not that a fire ceiling will come crashing down on him, but that he’ll get run down while speeding to the fire station. Tough cloth protects you from heat. What do you have to protect you from crazy drivers?

Madison Apr 06 511
sizing things up

The hike back reminded me that at this time of the year it takes a while for the darkness to roll in. And when it does, it’s still kind of pretty and inviting.

Madison Apr 06 523