Saturday, July 01, 2006

(red) white and blue

The winds are blowing through, reminding me very much of the warm afternoons in the Languedoc. Restless winds, moving clouds around, alternating here with moments of hot stillness.

I’m skipping tonight’s fireworks especially because they are the biggest and best in the Midwest. I considered it a milestone when daughters were old enough to take themselves and I never went back. The streets are quiet then – everyone is at the park, all five million people from Madison, from Illinois, from Alaska for all I know. Maybe not Alaska.

At the market this morning I thought how the Capitol here is like any other looming city landmark. You see it suddenly, in odd places. Its whiteness always astonishes. White against blue. All that’s missing is the red.

Madison summer 06 049
a Languedoc basket, the Capitol

Madison summer 06 060
absence of red

Madison summer 06 057
presence of red

UPDATE: and the rains came. Largest, grandest fireworks in the Midwest cancelled. Five million (perhaps a little less; okay -- a lot less) disappointed. So nature takes over the skies and the bombs bursting in air are bolts of lightening. Sad, really. I myself am not drawn to it, but still...