Saturday, July 15, 2006

wild things: unorthodox beginnings

There aren’t many who will begin a steep, four hour hike at 4:35 in the afternoon. I can offer excuses, but I think they are rather predictable. Blogging, morning rain showers, waiting to make sure Ed is up for a hefty climb, etc.

Maybe it isn’t the way to do a hike, but I am convinced that late beginnings can deliver some pretty nice surprises.

Yesterday we had an empty trail, a magnificent display of varied clouds and a receding sun, deer coming out of the forest to graze and, from the summit, this:

canada camping 06 396

Still, I know when I will have the hatchet come down on me: if today I spend another morning on the computer and we get to the ranger’s station at the trail head too late to get a camping permit for the next two nights, I am sure to get that look from Ed that will dampen my day even more than the clouds over the mountaintops. So, just this quick post and an early start to the last three day hike of our trip.