Friday, July 28, 2006

simply sardine

Much has been written about Madison’s newest bistro-like eatery, Sardine (same chefs, same owners as Marigold Kitchen). Click on virtually any blog around town and you’re going to come across a comment or a review. Okay, maybe that overstates things a bit, but I swear, I’ve seen stuff out there in fistfuls, it seems.

So I had to try it.

I love a good bistro. You’re not supposed to be wowed by the food. You’re just supposed to think -- now that was one nicely cooked dinner! And I thought just that.

I do not want to write a review here – I don’t really want to go into detail about how the grilled to a delicate crisp sardines were dazzling in a lemon and olive oil sauce and how the salmon swam in a sea of flavorful lentils, wilted spinach and many chunks of portabella mushrooms. My writing style is way too placid to do justice to a good eating place and so I’ll back off and let others write great things about dishes such as this one:

summer 06 139

I do want to note one thing, in case others have forgotten to say it. Sardine has energy! Look how many young and with it people are hopping around and slicing bread and what not, while other very with it looking people are lapping it all up (were this a review, I would draw your attention to the yummy cauliflower soup with the drizzle of olive oil):

summer 06 133

Some blogger, can’t remember which one – sorry – compared it to Balthazar’s in NY. I have passed Balthazar’s numerous times because it’s close to a subway stop I use to get to the general Village area in the city. It always looks packed and everyone looks pleased to have landed a reservation. So in that way alone the comparison seems apt. There, I favorably compared Sardine to one of NY’s hippest bistro-like places!

Another blogger – again, can’t remember who, sorry sorry – said that the d├ęcor is way common, what with the exposed beams and the brick walls. Well I live in a building that looks much like that and I have to say, if it’s good enough to live in, then it’s good enough to eat in.

(By the way, may I again repeat how nice it is to live in a loft with tall windows and skylights? In the summer, the place shouts: light! Riding by on my bike today, I looked up at my window and smiled.)

summer 06 143

So, I am happy to add Sardine to my list of reasons not to cook. And no, I’m not simply being all chipper about it because they had all these bottles of red stuff:

summer 06 140