Monday, August 07, 2006

where am I? what am I doing?

where am I? what am I doing?

Valid question. One that I often ask myself.

Late in the evening I let myself be educated on the issue of bikes. Like, why are there $100 bikes, $1000 bikes and $5000 bikes?

I did not know that I could punch my bike shoes into ready and willing pedals (I do not actually have bike shoes), fly like the wind on carbon graphite composite frames, attached via index shifting gears to thin and smooth tires. I did not know this.

So this evening I listened and watched and now I know. I still am attached as can be to Mr. B, but I know why he and I have such trouble making it up hills and mountains. I am like the duck who waddles along knowing her deficiencies. I admire those who have it together and can fly like the wind, even though I feel closer to the duck, staring at the faster, smoother, more together birds and bikes out there.

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