Thursday, August 17, 2006

notes on a thursday

…politics on the radio. I listen to the discussion of the case decided today (concerning warantless tapping) and I look out the window. Separation of powers… Like this?

summer 06 511

… shopping for food. At this time of the year everything is photogenic. I hear on the radio that in Russia, restaurants have great difficulty getting quality ingredients. Not so in Wisconsin.

summer 06 530

…the rain came down today. I took Mr. B to work. Mustn’t get my new Mr.G wet and bothered. There must have been great anger and hostility within my yellow-fendered friend because he let me down. The two lattes that I balanced on his back…

summer 06 528

…spilled. And when they did, he chose that moment to drop the chain. Therefore, in the evening, I stuck my tongue out at him and borrowed a car. It did rain, after all.

summer 06 531