Friday, September 01, 2006

from New Haven: eat well?

A busy day. Of course. Moving in can be as taxing as moving out.

I looked over the three or four photos that I took all day and I liked none of them and so even those cannot inspire me to write something sensible here. Okay, maybe one was worth reprinting on Ocean. I was walking across Old Campus – the place where most freshman live and I was thinking how young these kids look (I have a law student and a senior – both far removed from “the first year of college” category). And, how tense they appear!

I was mulling over what pressures they must feel and I wondered if I did anything to take a load off my own daughters when they first left home to study here. I probably did not do enough. Most likely I told them to eat well and not worry about much else. But I am sure they did worry, even as they ate well.

Then I saw this guy talking to a woman who may have been his daughter (or a well kempt mother of a freshman – you can’t tell with these groomed types) and I marveled how effective he was in conveying his message to her and to the world. (Of course, he appears not to be too great on the “eat well” front... his beverage of choice speaks mountains.)

So, to all who speed through each day and worry that they haven't done enough, here's my message, found on a random back of a guy on campus and reprinted here, on Ocean.

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