Monday, September 04, 2006

from New Haven: globe trotting

I can say this about Labor Day week-end in New Haven: it may require lifting, moving, dragging, dusting, arranging, unpacking. It may be taxing, strenuous, demanding.

But it is also delicious.

Looking back, I see heaping plates of spicy, satisfying foods from every corner of the globe. We have our favorites by now. Each evening, I lose myself in the heady foods and aromas of kitchens that mix spices and ingredients in beautiful ways:

Tuesday: Eritrean
summer 06 876

Wednesday: Italian
summer 06 899

Thursday: Thai
summer 06 909

Friday: Malaysian
summer 06 923

Saturday: Japanese
summer 06 947

Sunday: Latin American
summer 06 958

Monday: I go home, full of warm feelings and wonderful food.

Daughters are ensconced in their new living quarters. Time to head back to Wisconsin. It will be salads and scrambled eggs again. Though not for long – in a couple of weeks I get to test my soon-new camera in a distant venue. But for now – home.