Friday, September 08, 2006


Three packages – one from Fed Ex, one from USPS and the third from UPS. Missed them all. Can pick up only one before the week-end. Which would you go after?

Oh, Fed Ex, of course. Fed Ex smacks of importance. USPS is probably the tote bag. UPS – the extra lens.

I get on a motorbike that weaves through traffic as if it wasn’t there (I'm not driving, thank God). I get to the Fed Ex holding warehouse before it closes and voila!

september 06 004

I am up and running. [If only I can figure out how to work the darn thing! Tomorrow I am off to the machinists’ convention in Chicago. I’ll mess with it there. In the meantime – a first attempt to press down and get a photo out of the pricey little piece of plastic.]