Friday, September 15, 2006

...I'd rather be fishing... (not)

september 06 102

I watch bloggers come and go, I watch them retreat, get tired, reach some sort of blogger depression, fizzle off and I wonder: why were they blogging to start with?

Probably for the same bungee-plunge reasons we all did: seems fun, why not? Wheeeee!!!!!

Then it gets too boring. Or too hard. Or too threatening. I have adjusted my blogroll countless times for the fallen away types who have … fallen away. Understandable. At other times, Ocean may have sunk right along with them.

But me – I love the concept of blogging. Maybe not on this night. Because tonight, I am preoccupied with nonbloggable thoughts. Like for instance whether this photo of a butterfly, encountered on the bike path this afternoon...

september 06 108

…is as good as the one taken moments later.

september 06 110

No matter. There is the compulsion to continue. And maybe sometimes midnight gets here and the pillow looks so fresh and cool and you still have a sentence to straighten out. Sure. But that’s just a bad weather day. More often you want the minutes to slow down so that you can say it all. So that you can take a million more photos because you know that within you, you have a better one that hasn’t been put forth yet.

Blogging, for the challenge, for the pleasure of it.